This cabinet contains documents that relate to legislature in the state of Illinois

Boating Economic Signifigance

Regulatory Issues

    • Wireless Tether ban [DOC - 400 Kb]

      Illinois law currently bans wireless tethers to marine engine kill switches. NMMA is working to remove the ban.

    • Wireless Tether Appeal to DNR [DOC - 32.5 Kb]

      Letter to DNR requesting legislative support to remove wireless tether ban

    • BLA Support For Wireless Tether [PDF - 359.67 Kb]

      Boating Law Administrator Sgt. Joe Morelock's letter supporting wireless tethers and describing wireless ban

    • NMMA member Autotether's letter [DOC - 119.5 Kb]

      Supports a law change to allow wireless tethers for marine engine kill switches.

Active Legislation

    • Cut-Off Switch Requirement [ - 10.73 Kb]

      HB 4775 provides that no person may operate any motorboat equipped with an engine cut-off switch while the engine is running and the motorboat is underway without verifying that the engine cut-off switch is operational and fully-functional and attaching the engine cut-off switch link to the operator or activating the wireless cut-off system (rather than only requiring that a lanyard engine cut-off switch be attached to the operator on motorboats equipped with a lanyard cut-off switch). http:¬//www¬.ilga¬.gov/¬legis¬latio¬n/96/¬HB/PD¬F/096¬00HB4¬775lv¬.pdf¬

    • Wireless lanyard bill passes IL Senate [PDF - 27.2 Kb]

      SB 3060, an NMMA-supported bill that would allow the sale and use of wireless lanyards by boat operators has cleared the Senate and now is scheduled for committee hearings in the House to resolve minor differences between the House and Senate version. The wireless lanyards provide maximum freedom of movement while still providing the safety of an automatically-deployed engine kill-switch.

Boating News

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