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To remain competitive, a business must anticipate and prepare for new regulations before they are imposed. NMMA Regulatory Affairs Department works to keep the marine industry ahead of the curve and abreast of potential new rules, ensuring that our industry’s voice is heard and heeded while helping businesses make sense of it all. Below is a wealth of information on regulatory issues of interest to the boating industry.

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  • CPSC Guidance on Life Jackets [PDF - 660.94 Kb]

    CPSC's Nov. 2008 letter stating that the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act does not change the exemption for boats and associated equipment in particular for life jackets

  • CPSC Portable Marine Fuel Tank FAQ [PDF - 20.33 Kb]

    The Consumer Product Safety Commission has determined that portable outboard marine fuel tanks are not subject to its regulation under the Children’s Gasoline Burn Prevention Act (“the Act”) (Pub. L. 110-278, July 17, 2008). The Act requires that certain portable gas containers have child resistant caps. See question #5.

  • NMMA Letter to CPSC asking for ruling on life jackets [PDF - 215.66 Kb]
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