All Politics Is Local...

That's why Hosting a Plant Tour with your Congressmen Pays off for You!

NMMA federal government relations mean a lot more than lobbying Members of Congress and federal agencies on industry initiatives. Government relations activities aim to rally the recreational boating community in educating policy-makers about our industry. Congressional Plant Tours advance this goal.

Easy to Do

Your Congressional Plant Tour invitation builds on a relationship formed at the American Boating Congress (ABC) and developed year-round through activities like the NMMA PAC.

The process is simple! Just follow the steps we've outlined for you, and call on us if you need more help along the way. We're here to help you make it happen.

A Win-Win Situation

Both Members of Congress and your company win from a Congressional Plant Tour. Legislators get to meet their constituents. Your company brings its interests and concerns to the individuals who can address them.

And your employees feel proud of their work, sharing it Senators and Representatives.

Educating Legislators about the Industry

A plant tour educates a policy-maker about our industry-particularly your company. Demonstrate your products. Share success stories. Highlight how many jobs you have created. Explain your economic impact on the community. By "putting a face" on the industry, the tour prompts a legislator to return your call and hear your opinion when crucial issues arise.

Congressional Plant Tour Checklist

  • Identify your Member of Congress
  • Send a letter requesting your Member of Congress to visit your facility. Include available dates and times, as well as your company's line of business, location and number of employees.
  • Contact your legislator's office 7-10 days after mailing your letter. If you need to locate phone numbers, call 202.225.3121 for a House Member or 202.224.3121 for a Senate Member.
  • Contact your local print and broadcast media outlets. Invite them to participate in the plant tour.
  • Ensure that your plant complies with OSHA, INS and EPA regulations. Prepare your plant with signs marking any hazardous areas.
  • Prepare a fact kit including industry- and company-specific information for the legislator to take with him or her. NMMA has industry information to add as well.
  • Take photos during the tour, including pictures of the legislator with employees and a finished product.
  • Send a thank you letter to the Member of Congress, and enclose copies of photos, media coverage and press clippings.
  • Share your successful plant tour with the NMMA.

Questions? Contact Christine Pomorski at (202) 737-9774 or