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NMMA Federal Relations

The power of government and regulatory bodies to shape the future of the boating industry is unquestionable. Standing in the wings while recreational boating laws and regulations are being formulated simply will not do. That is why NMMA GR is at the forefront of our industry's government relations efforts, maintaining one of the most effective lobbying efforts in the nation.

The NMMA GR office analyzes hundreds of legislative bills filed in issue areas affecting our members. The department monitors the Congressional calendar, committee meetings and floor activity for legislative issues of interest to recreational boating. We also work to serve as information for Members of Congress and their staff.

NMMA GR is committed to educating decision makers about the issues of concern to the boating industry. NMMA GR knows that there is strength in numbers, and that each member can assist in these issues by working with their elected representatives. We can positively influence and shape the future of our industry.

Below are links to various current legislative issues that are of importance to the NMMA Membership at large.

Economic Relief   American Boating Congress 2010   Ballast Water & Boat Permitting    
Labor Policy   Trade Policy   U.S. Oceans Policy / Marine Protected Areas    
Fisheries Policy   Ethanol   Water Access    
Natural Resources Policy   Tax and Economic Policy   Intellectual Property    

  • NMMA Supports Vessel Hull Design Protection Act [PDF - 238.72 Kb]

    VHPDA would amend the original bill passed in 1998 to clarify that the Act’s protections extend to both registered hull and deck designs to protect against a copycatting technique called “hull splashing.”

  • Is Your Trademark Being Counterfeited? [PDF - 59.79 Kb]

    NMMA members have become victims of product counterfeiting. Read this fact sheet to learn more about what your company can do if your products are being illegally faked.

  • Issue Brief: Counterfeits, Fakes, & Intellectual Property Rights [PDF - 55.49 Kb]

    The U.S. recreational marine industry is not immune to the threat of counterfeiting and American manufacturers must take urgent action to protect their products, their reputations, their bottom lines, and their consumers.

  • NMMA Testimony on Illegal Chinese Counterfeiting [PDF - 16.6 Kb]

    Dave Blackburn, President & CEO of the Thomas G. Faria Corporation, testified before the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission on the impact of illegal Chinese counterfeiting on his company and the entire recreational marine industry.

  • Intellectual Property Protection and Enforcement Manual [PDF - 2238.34 Kb]

    A Practical and Legal Guide for Protecting Your Intellectual Property Rights - 2009

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