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Protecting the environment comes naturally to most boaters and others who practice being a good neighbor, on land or water. On water, especially, every action or sound a boater makes impacts others sharing the waterway, the water itself, marine life living in it, and the near-shore and shoreline ecosystem and inhabitants. In almost all cases, a commonsense approach while boating will help protect the aquatic environment.

Clean water is the foundation for enjoyable boating. It's up to those who appreciate and recognize the privilege of using the waterways to protect this resource now and for future generations.

Manufacturers of boats and related products are working to help safeguard the environment. Through research and development, testing and employing technology of related industries, propulsion systems are gaining efficiency, waste treatment systems are becoming more effective, and maintenance products are getting "greener." Industry workers understand their livelihood depends on clean water, and helping keep it that way is simply the right thing to do.

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On January 7, 2003, NMMA submitted written comments, that accompany oral testimony given on October 7, 2002, to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regarding the Proposed Rulemaking on Evaporative Emissions. NMMA's comments, along with two attachments, may be viewed below:

On August 14, 2002, the EPA published in the Federal Register a proposal to require emission controls on boat fuel systems. The EPA proposal would require modifications to the current boat fuel hose, vent controls such as a one-psi pressure relief valve to reduce diurnal emissions, and permeation measures on plastic tanks. NMMA has put together an evaporative emission task force to address this rule. Written comments are due in November.

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November 8, 2002 - Final EPA rule on recreational marine engine emission standards.

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