The Industry's Premier Political and Legislative Event!

We need you in Washington D.C.

The American Boating Congress is a comprehensive legislative conference that brings together recreational boating industry leaders to formulate public policy and present a unified front on issues that impact marine businesses.

When constituents talk, Congress listens

You are the industry's most effective advocate. No lobbyist is as influential as an employer from a member's district or state. Attending ABC and going on Capitol Hill visits with others from your state is the best way to update your representatives on issues that affect your livelihood and help them to understand your position when voting on issues that affect our industry.

ABC events conclude in meetings with your representatives and their senior staff. It's your opportunity to build or cement relationships that lead to positive attitudes toward our industry within Congress. NMMA will arrange your meetings and issue briefing papers and talking points, as well.

Educational seminars

ABC's schedule promises informative, engrossing seminars intended to update you on issues of vital importance to your business and your bottom line. You'll:

Who should attend

Executive, owners and key employees of marine-related industries, including:

Also, our colleagues in the Federal government, State governments and related associations will also gain much from this unique gathering of marine professionals.

You'll never have a better opportunity to personally influence legislation and protect your business interests.